Things in the Swamp

Things in the Swampis Owen’s novella from A Swamp of Bones. Another Swamp Children story, the novella is a further exploration of the Swamp Children worlds and characters, available on Smashwords, Amazon and B&N.


On the run, not from the zombie heads that infest the swamp, but from the people who live there, Owen stumbles into the lives of a single mother and her child. Unused to human company, Owen is torn between delight and fear that they will discover his secret.



Swamp Familiars

Abigail Fero has published her promotional short story, ‘Swamp Familiars’, featuring Maga from A Swamp of Bones. The story can be found free on her blog, or is available free for e-readers through Smashwords.

Maga lives with Grandma in the swamp and though alone, never lacks for something to do. But when a boy moves in nearby, Maga is drawn into a world she doesn’t quite understand.