Audio Book

Abigail Fero’s short story, Just Another Customer, is now in stores.


Ellie’s New Duo

Ellie Forsythe’s third novel and companion novella set has been published.

Cougars & Castles

Cougars&Castles copyCatherine has taken eight years to get over her divorce, holing up in her flat outside of Leeds. When she decides to take control of her life once more, and go back to school, her family is worried about who she might meet there. What they should have been worried about was who she already knew.





Train Tickets & Trysts

Train Tickets & Trysts copy

When Penny first meets Derek at a bar in Scotland, she doesn’t think much of it. She’s only in town for the night and quickly on her way back to London. But things between them pick up and she finds an unexpected source of help in him when problems with her mother arise.

Both are now available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, Apple and Smashwords

Born Series

Book 1

Born in the Mouthy copy

He woke in a field, covered in his own blood, feeling far from human. He doesn’t know his name or who he is, until he stumbles across the one person who does. But when one mystery ends, another begins and life for Manning and Annabelle becomes dangerous as events start to unravel.

A fantasy suspense novel, Born in the Mouth of an Angel brings together mystery, mythology and the world of two recluses.

Book 2

Born on the RunJPG

After escaping from a lifelong imprisonment, Gloria finds herself in Kentucky with an unexpected ally she isn’t sure she should trust. But when she doesn’t know how to take care of herself in the outside world, trust might be the only thing to keep her free. Though that might mean giving him the secrets that could destroy her.

Both books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, Apple and Smashwords.

A Swamp of Souls

Book 2 in the Swamp Children series, A Swamp of Souls, had just been published online and is available through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords.



Jack’s been back in the swamp for over a year with no sign of his siblings. Then, in one afternoon, that all changes when he learns Owen’s been captured and taken to the citadel. His quest to reunite the family faces more obstacles than the King who seeks to collect them all as more questions are raised about the family they grew up in and the powers they possess.

Things in the Swamp

Things in the Swampis Owen’s novella from A Swamp of Bones. Another Swamp Children story, the novella is a further exploration of the Swamp Children worlds and characters, available on Smashwords, Amazon and B&N.


On the run, not from the zombie heads that infest the swamp, but from the people who live there, Owen stumbles into the lives of a single mother and her child. Unused to human company, Owen is torn between delight and fear that they will discover his secret.


Swamp Familiars

Abigail Fero has published her promotional short story, ‘Swamp Familiars’, featuring Maga from A Swamp of Bones. The story can be found free on her blog, or is available free for e-readers through Smashwords.

Maga lives with Grandma in the swamp and though alone, never lacks for something to do. But when a boy moves in nearby, Maga is drawn into a world she doesn’t quite understand.

A Swamp of Bones

Abigail’s full-length novel, A Swamp of Bones, is now online at Smashwords, Amazon and BArnes & Nobles.

Makani lives in the northern swamps, the last stronghold of humanity. Separated from her family, she wanders, searching. When a Seer warns her that her little brother and sister are being held ransom in the southern citadel, Makani’s desperate to get there before something happens to them. However, she’s never ventured that far and with her limitations she isn’t sure she’ll make it or what she’ll find when she gets there.